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Assisted Living Facilities (A.L.F)

The Assisted Living Facilities  (A.L.F) - “STHRIXH” are a modern psychosocial rehabilitation framework providing quality, specialized scientific therapeutic support services to people with mental retardation. It seeks to defend the individual and social rights of the beneficiaries and to ensure a dignified supported living as well as an active integration to the social environment.

The A.L.F.’s provide long-term Assisted Supported Living (closed units) 24-hour a day, that can accommodate and support 48, partially self-supported, people with slight, moderate and severe mental retardation. The A.S.F.’s accept people from the age of 18 to 55 but can also accommodate older people after being assessed by the Scientific team, and after taking into account the  social needs of each case separately.

The psychosocial rehabilitation of people with mental retardation and the de-institutionalization, are the main purposes of the A.S.F.’s 

  • The promotion of autonomy and the ability of self-support through the improvement of their functionality. 
Other goals include: 
  • The recognition of their right to live with dignity and equality in the social environment.
  • Τhe enhancing of self-awareness and reality perception.
  • The accessibility to all educational programs.
  •  The emotional development and enhancing of their self-esteem as well as trust in their abilities.
  •  Avoiding social exclusion, isolation and discrimination caused by long-term living in closed –care units.
  •  Socialization through their participation in cultural - sports activities and various events.
  •  Active participation with equity and dignity in every form of social expression.
The following services are provided in the Assisted Living Facilities by qualified staff members of the Association:

1. Therapeutic occupational Groups that develop people’s functionality and skills (handcraft workshop, activities through art, creative play) while enhancing the functionality of the occupants. 
2. Aptitutde Development Groups that improve their independent living and self-support skills (personal hygiene, houseworks).
3. Groups that develop pre-occupational rehabilitation skills. 
4. Groups for the development of social communication and interaction.
 5. Music Therapy Group. 
6. Group that introduce people to new technologies (computers). 
7. Group that develop adaptive skills. 
8. Gardening class, Painting workshop, ceramic, leather processing workshop, arts and crafts class etc.
9. Creative occupation.

Entry procedure:
  1. Application from the person or by their legal guardians, accompanied by scientific reports and certificates of health. 
  2.  Evaluation of the application for compliance to the entry criteria.
  3.  Evaluation of the candidate by the Selection Committee
  4. Recommendation report of acceptance or rejection by the Selection Committee to the Board of Directors for preliminary decision
  5. Preliminary decision by Board of Directors
  6.   Announcement of approval to the candidate and introduction to the rules and regulations of the Association, followed by a period of preparation and gradual integration.
  7.  During the integration period of the successful applicant to the A.L.F.’s a period of preparation and acceptance is in effect.
  8. Re-evaluation of the candidate and final decision
  9. Signature of contract between the Association and the beneficiary, outlining the rules and regulations of the A.L.F.’s

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