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Day Care Center (DCC)

The Association for the protection of children and people with disabilities operates as a Day Care Center (D.C.C) for people with special needs (in accordance to No. 6669 / 30.07.2009 according to the decision of the prefect of Athens). The Association, provides its beneficiaries with the opportunity to engage in activities, under the supervision of well-trained staff, to improve any weaknesses and to highlight their skills.

Today, with a total capacity of 238 people, our organization supports 107 people with special needs suffering from mental problems, 40 of which fall under the following EU funded program: Day Care Center (D.C.C.): Provision of day care services and networking for People with Mental Disability » (MIS 5002074) under Priority Axis 9 (Promoting social inclusion against poverty and discrimination - Ensuring social cohesion), which is funded by the European Social Fund, the P.E.P Attica 2014-2020.

The  Day Care and Center provides the following services:
A) Transfer: Transfer beneficiaries to and from the Center  
B) Meals: Breakfast and lunch, prepared by the association.
C) Education: Individually designed therapeutic occupational programs that cater to the beneficiaries needs.

  • Training in self-sufficiency and everyday tasks.
  • Teaching and strengthening personal hygiene behaviors and the care of their living spaces.
  • Awareness of safety issues.
  • Creative occupation and socialization activities.
  • Workshops of creative occupation for participation of the beneficiaries with severe mental disabilities.

Vocational training Workshops:
  •  Handcraft workshop
  • Ceramic workshop
  • Leather processing workshop
  • Gardening workshop
D) Auxiliary Actions:

The Scientific team is responsible for the provision of Auxiliary Actions that have the following goals:
  • The approach, awareness and activation of the target group
  • The strengthening of individual skills
  • The encouragement of a good team and cooperative spirit
  • The management and resolution of disputes
  • The development of social and professional skills
  • The establishment of relations between the family members
  • The guidance and support of both patients and their families concerning their dealings with the public sector.
  • Advisory support to beneficiary’s family members. 
  • The establishment of an individual training plan for treatment through:
    • Implementation of programs that aim at developing and maintaining the highest functional level.
    • Implementation of programs providing education.
    • Development of actions aimed at enhancing socialization.
    • Programs that develop collaborative spirit  
    • Educational programs aimed at informing the beneficiaries and their families about local as well as nationwide programs that might concern them
 Ε) Entertainment and Exercise:
  • Provides individual and group exercise
  • Music therapy
  • Participation in culture, sports and recreational programs.
Entry procedure
The entry procedure of the people being cared is the following:
1. Application from the person or by their legal guardians, accompanied by scientific reports and certificates of health. 
2. Evaluation of the application for compliance to the entry criteria. 
3. Evaluation of the candidate by the Scientific Committee (psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker) and approval by the Scientific Council. 
4. Announcement of approval to the candidate and introduction to the rules and regulations of the Association, followed by a period of preparation and gradual integration.
5. During the integration period of the successful applicant to the Day Care Center, a period of preparation and acceptance is in effect.