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ESPA Program

The Asscociation of protection for children and people with disabilities, has undertaken as concessionaire operator according to Νο. Protocol 4000/16-05-2017 decision on the entry implementation of the act: “Center of day accommodation and care center for persons with mental or intellectual disability: Providing services day care, residence and networking of persons with disabilities with code MIS 5002074 under Priority Axis 9 (Against poverty and Promoting social inclusion - preserving social cohesion), is co-financed with the European Social Fund, Attiki 2014-2020.

The Act refers to the financing of the Day Accommodation and Day Care Center for three (3) years and is implemented in the private premises of the Association in Cholargos. The total number of beneficiaries is 40 people divided into three groups. The Program is implemented on daily basis from, 07:30 to 15:30.

The Association, throughout the program, provides services with careful preparation and scientific criteria in accordance with the best interests that serve the beneficiary population, implementing at least the following:

  • The transfer of beneficiaries to and from the Center, by the Center’s bus. 
  • The accommodation and nourishment
  • Special education program based on the individuals needs
  • Iindividual and group exercise. 
  • Their training in self –sufficiency on daily activities. 
  • Their recreational occupation and activities which develop socialization and ability to socialize.
  • The  participation in culture, sports and recreational programs.
The beneficiaries also have the opportunity to participate in actions and activities that improve their quality of life, strengthen social cohesion, prevent social exclusion, while promoting equal opportunities.

Additionally, the Association of protection of Children and people with disabilities implements networking and cooperation actions with the support of welfcare organizations / providers of social services, Community Centers and other similar structures and the community in general (eg municipalities, sports, cultural or other clubs, educational community), with the purpose of interconnecting structures with the local community, the integration of beneficiaries and the strengthening of their social cohesion locally.