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The Association for the  protection of children is  a non-profit organization that was established in 1923 by 25 founding members and set out to provide individual and group treatment to children aged 3-10 year old. Also, it sought out to protect and help families through economic empowerment and support. Apart from that,  special focus was given on two departments of the organization a) Children's Nest where thousands of children with adenopathy found healthcare treatment for  over 30 years (1939 -1969) b) the Children's Home where, for a decade, (1941-1951) hundreds of children that came from homes where the mother had been incarcerated were provided with healthcare.  

From 1970 until June of 1973 the Association treated deaf children from all regions of Greece. Between 1982 and December of 2000, educational programs against social exclusion of people with mental disabilities were implemented. Many children with special needs of both genders, over the age of 15, joined the educational projects of the Association, from different places of the country with positive results. From 1973 until today the Association provides healthcare treatment, accommodation, food,  and occupational training in an attempt to bring about  social inclusion for the people with mental disabilities.

For the above mentioned activities the association was recognized by the State and awarded by the Academy of Athens.