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bazaarThe Association for the Protection of Children and Individuals with Disabilities will hold an open day event (3-7 Dec) to celebrate the World Day for people with diasbilities. The schedule includes:
Sunday 3 Dec. 2017: 11:00 Workshop with the participation of Mrs Kriari – Katrani Ismini Dean of the Pantio University of Athens, του Archimandrite  father. Nikodimos Farmakis of the Social Wellfare of the Church of Greece, Mr. Papageorgiou Charlambos Professor of Psychiatri of the University of Athens and Mrs. Makri Tenia psychologist - family councelor.
Monday and Tuesday 4-5 Dec . 2017:10:00-14:00 και 17:00-20:00 Free entry and tour  
Wednesday 6 Dec. 2017: 14:00 Choir of  DEI, DEDDHE
Thursday 7 Dec. 2017 : Opening Assisted Living Facilities (A.L.F.)
Bazaar:  Throughout the duration of the five day event a bazaar will be help at the board room with children works 
You are all invited