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​The Comitee for Evaluation and Beneficiary Selection of the Act Center of day accommodation and care center for persons with mental or intellectual disability: Providing services day care, residence and networking of persons with disabilities with code MIS 5002074 under Priority Axis 9 (Against poverty and Promoting social inclusion - preserving social cohesion) announces the Temporary Beneficiary Classification Table.

Any beneficiaries that wish to appeal this table can do so within 2 days of the accouncement (or by Tuesday 09/01/2018 and time 14:30) at the offices of the Association for the Protection of Children and Individuals with Disabilities at the address B. Mela 1 Cholargos Athens. After this period and the evaluation of potential appeals, the Final Beneficiary Classification Table will be posted on the our website www.coveramea.gr  on 09/01/2018.

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